You Will Invest in What You Believe In

You will invest in what you believe in, says the LORD. That is why I have invested in you. I have given you everything that you need, because I know the end result. My labors for you will not be in vain, for I will accomplish what I have authored for your life. I will not have any failures, and I will have a GOOD harvest of My good works in your life that will bring ME honor and glory, says the LORD.

You too will invest in what you believe in, says the LORD. You will sacrifice for the things that will produce the good results that you are assured of. That is what I have ordained for you to do, because you are a part of Me as you have received Me as your Savior and LORD. I will give YOU a harvest of GOOD things, and your labors for Me will not be in vain. The seeds will germinate and grow. They will produce GOOD FRUIT that remains. There will be a bumper crop, and you will NOT have a failed harvest. I give seed to the sower, and as I have equipped and furnished you to be an investment, you will sing the songs of the reaper, and have great joy in the time of harvest, for it will be plentiful, says the LORD.

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