You will soar like an eagle, far above the storm clouds, and ascend into new heights of My glory as the winds of My Spirit cause you to rise higher and higher in Me, says the LORD. Things that will perish with time will no longer be your concern. You will not be convinced that the cares of this life are greater than My presence and power and glory that will increase in you. The deceitfulness of riches will not seduce you, for you cannot be bought, bribed, and what I have for you cannot be stolen. It is your time to shine, more brightly than ever before. It is your time to soar, effortlessly, as I propel you, refresh you, renew you, and nourish you by My SPIRIT, says the LORD.

Nothing will harm you, My select and beautiful bride, says the LORD. Nothing will alter you or attach to you, for I have separated you onto MYSELF, and beautified you with My holiness, filled you with My righteousness, and empowered you with My Holy SPIRIT. You will not suffer loss, but I will satisfy you completely, furnish you wondrously, and reveal unto you the hidden treasures that are reserved for you. You will not be robbed and spoiled. I have preserved you and prepared you for the finest and most glorious move of My SPIRIT, and you will experience the miraculous that will be prevalent, rather than spotty. Your expectations will be granted, and the time is near. You will live in the realm of the supernatural that will be your NORMAL, and soar with ease, regardless of the dark clouds below. Higher is HIGHER, and you will be above, and not beneath, untouchable, unscathed, undefeatable, and fully empowered, engaged, productive, and glorious, says the LORD.

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