Your Faithfulness Will Be Rewarded

I will be faithful to all who are faithful to Me, says the LORD. Your faithfulness will be rewarded. You cannot be defeated when I Am the One Who keeps you steady on your feet, so that nothing can jar you, move you, or destroy you. I have you, and you will not be a failure to thrive. I always have you in My heart, in My thoughts, and in My protective care. Your work will be rewarded, and you WILL HAVE a harvest of good things, says the LORD.

Trust that you will reap what you have sown, and have a bumper crop of blessings, says the LORD. Your labor of love has not gone unnoticed and will not be forgotten. I will reward every good deed, and you will have a bumper crop of blessings because of your faithful service to Me and My kingdom, and you will be blessed, honored, and remembered by Me, says the LORD.

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