The harvest is coming

Your Harvest Is Coming

Your harvest is coming, says the LORD. What you have sown in tears you will reap in joy!  I Am the LORD of the harvest and your harvest will not fail.  I have not called for drought or blight or famine, but I have called for bounty. YOU WILL reap what you have sown. Do not see yourself as a widow or a foreigner or an orphan!  I AM not calling you to glean behind the reapers, but to join them as an entitled child!  Join them as a possessor of the land of your inheritance!  Join in their song!  For you have labored in love. You will sing beautiful love songs and I will sing a love song to you. You have suffered long and endured the heat of the day.  I will give you great joy for your sorrow. I will reward your faithfulness. Your labors are not vain in Me, says the LORD.

I will silence the mocking of the enemy, says the LORD. I will silence his scoffing. I will silence his ridicule and his taunting.  I will shut the lion’s mouth that roars against you.  I say, BE SILENT, says the LORD.  I will not give way to your accuser and there is no condemnation for you because you are washed in My blood. Your faith in My finished work of the cross has entitled you to inherit the promised land.  You belong to ME, and what I have belongs to you.  You will harvest and your joy will be full. I will fill your mouth with GOOD things and bless you and reward your good works that you have done for Me in My kingdom. The harvest is great, and your song of praise and thanksgiving will ring loud and clear through the land, says the LORD.

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