Your Help Comes from Me

Your help comes from ME, says the LORD, and there is NOTHING that I WILL NOT DO FOR YOU!   NOTHING is off the table that will feed you and nurture you and cause you to grow. I will NOT feed you toxic things. I will NOT feed you with things that are carnal.  I will NOT feed you with things that will harm you in any way, and I will not give you things that are going to hurt others. I KNOW what is good for you, and I will not deny it.  I will provision everything that you need, for I AM GOOD FOR IT, says the LORD.  I own everything. I Am in control of everything that I created.  Look around you. Can you see anything that I didn’t create that is good an wholesome?  If I made it then I own it and I control it, says the LORD.  So believe when I tell you that I will give you your highest heart’s desire as you entrust me with your life and follow MY lead.

The desire of your heart is what I birth in the depths of you, says the LORD.  DEEP calls for deep. The very deeps of your heart calls for the very deeps of MINE.  I will download into the very depth of your heart MY Desires for you and your life. They are birthed in you FROM Me.  If I have planted them within you, then I will cause the seed of My Rhema Word to come to fruition.  I will make it happen.  Listen to the deep things that I have placed within you. That longing came from Me, and I will fulfill it.  It is not from your carnal mind, but your heart. I dwell in your heart by faith and that is where I plant heart’s desires.  I will cause them to come to pass as you BELIEVE and receive, listen and obey MY voice, for I will not fail to speak, to lead, complete provision and fulfill every one of your heart’s desires.  For even as I paid the full price or your salvation, deliverance and healing by my death on the cross and My spilled blood, and said it is finished, so is that which you desire. It is a finished work, and it will surely be realized in your life, says the LORD.

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