I Am Your Healer

I take no pleasure in your pain, but I take great pleasure in your purpose, says the LORD.  I Am not the author of your suffering and sorrow, but the giver of LIFE.  I Am your healer. I Am your Savior.  I Am your redeemer.  I Am the lover of your soul.  I Am your builder and maker.  Nothing about you that comes from Me is destructive.  I love you with an everlasting love.  Love for you does not weaken or sicken you.  It is the enemy that does this. Look onto Me for abundant grace and mercy and LOVE, for I will never fail you.  My love for you is abundant and inexhaustible, My grace cannot be earned that I freely give, and My mercy endures forever.  If you believe that I have ordered your suffering, your perspective of My unimpeachable love needs to change.  Your view of Me, Who is love, needs to be refined.  I Am good, and My goodness endures forever for you, says the LORD.

I want you to be every wit whole, says the LORD.  The full provision was paid for by the finished work on the cross and My shed blood for you.  When I said, It is finished, It was.  Healing was finished for you.  Salvation was finished for you.  All that you need in every area of your existence was finished for you then. All you need to do is appropriate that which has already been held in store for you by faith and trust in ME.  Nothing good will I withhold from those who trust in ME, and you are not an exception.  Rather than believing that you are being punished for the past sin that I have forgiven, believe Me for your purpose to be fulfilled. It is My pleasure to give you the kingdom and fulfill every desire of your heart. Look to Me in complete faith and trust and expect that only good things are in store for you from my endless bounty of blessings that I have reserved for those who Love Me, says the LORD.

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