No Turning Back

There is no turning back, says the Lord. The leaks and garlic that you had in the past were connected with bondage and harsh task masters that made your life miserable. The cost was darkness, defeat, hopelessness and despair. There is nothing behind you that generates life in you. Stop lamenting over what was and look at what is and will be. For your past is dead. You cannot undo it. I have forgiven every sin and brought you up and out of darkness into the light of a new day. I have taken you out of bondage and freed you from false authorities and cruel task masters. I have given you hope for hopelessness, life for death, victory for defeat and the promise of an inheritance that is flowing with milk and honey. Do not despise the manna that I provide for you now as you journey toward your personal promised land and destiny in Me, says the Lord.

You are in a progressive state, says the Lord. The process is not the plan. The wilderness is not the place. The manna is not the promise. I have much more for you. It is ahead. I Am with you in the now of your life. I have not forgotten My promises. I have not overlooked you, abandoned you or rejected you. Trust that this place is not your dwelling place. Pull up the tent pegs and move forward, not backwards. For your destiny lies ahead. The past bondage will not define you. The wilderness will not destroy you, and you will not be lost in it. Your small vision of what seems to be an endless, barren dessert is not My Vision. You will not be stuck in this place that produces nothing. The promise is ahead and I will keep you through the dark nights and the difficult days, and bring you into your full purpose in Me as I provide all your need, protect you and lead you forward, toward your personal promised land, says the Lord.

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