I Care for Your Soul

I care for your soul, says the Lord. When you can find no other who cares, I care, and I will always take care of you. I Am not there just to watch you, but to watch out for you. I don’t just see your pain, I heal your heart. I heal your wounds. I heal your life. I heal YOU! I don’t just sympathize with you, but I Am actively moving in your behalf. I Am not your cheer leader or on the grand stands of your life. I Am life in you, and I Am your life! I have given you abundant life, not abundant misery. I have not authored trials, tests and tribulation, affliction, pain and sorrow. I take no pleasure in sickness and pain. I heal and deliver. Trouble is not part of My kingdom or My steps that I have ordered for you or your purpose, and I will deliver you out of it, says the Lord.

You arch enemy is My enemy, says the Lord. Your battles are Mine. Your concerns are not a problem to Me. I will take care of you! I Am not just a fair weather friend. I Am not just a God of your mountain top experiences. I am not just a God of your successes and feel good days. I Am with you always! Do not despair, for I will not fail to bring you into your personal promised land! You will arrive, safe and sound! I Am with you to bring you good success, not frustration and failure. I Am your powerful caregiver that is never inept, never too late, never unkind, and always trustworthy. You can depend upon Me! I will never turn My back on you when you are suffering and will never condemn you when you fail. I will pour in the oil and the wine, bind up even your self inflicted wounds, take you by the hand and bring you into the safety of My shelter. You are My beloved child, and always in My care, in My hands, in My thoughts that are only good, and never absent of My unconditional, unfailing love for you, says the Lord.

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