Time to Move Forward

Put on your walking boots and strap on your armor, says the Lord, for it is time to move forward. You have been around and around and around this mountain long enough. Enough analyzing. Enough scrutinizing. Enough planning. Enough scratching your head. Enough waiting and wondering. Enough gazing at the impossibilities. I have given you the power to proceed, the weapons to fight for your possessions, and the orders to pull up the your tent stakes, gird up the loins of your mind and prepare for battle. You are a mighty conqueror and fully equipped to possess the land of your inheritance. I did not call you to play war games. I did not induct you into a recreation room. I Am not playing games with you. Your adversary plays for keeps and is constantly on task, endeavoring to discourage, deceive, confuse, oppose and distract you. But you are not a wimp and you will not be defeated, for I Am with you, says the Lord.

The wilderness is not your promised land, says the Lord. The manna is not your inherited blessings. I have much more for you! My promises are yes and assured. Proceed forward toward this mark. Walk toward your destiny and purpose in Me. It is in front of you. Do not consider the iron chariots, the walled cities, the giants and the enemies that oppose you. The weapons that I have given you are mighty. With Me you will defeat the enemy, break in pieces his weapons, destroy his diabolical works, tear down the walls, break the chariots in two, kill the giants and possess the land. For I will fight with you and for you and you will raise My banner high in the new territories that you have conquered as you push back the enemy and enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the Lord.

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