Be Content

I am calling you to contentment, says the Lord.  Yes, be content where you are at. Do not become frustrated with  how slow things seem to be. I am leading you one step at a time.  It is all about trusting Me.  Do you trust in Me?  You don’t need to know everything that lies ahead.  I know the way that you take.  I see where you are.  I am not ignoring you or bypassing you, and I always finish what I start.  I have begun a good work in you and I Am not disqualifying you. Don’t disqualify yourself or let dark thoughts occupy your mind.  Let My mind be in you.  Think My thoughts and see through My eyes, says the LORD.

You are progressing, says the Lord.  So don’t become discouraged. Just be content. You are going to like the outcome as I gently order your steps, enlighten your path and guide you continually with My watchful  eye.  I Am on task in your life and there are no detours or road blocks holding you back or keeping you from your destiny in Me.  So be joyful and filled with contentment, knowing that I Am with you always, all is well, it will be well with you, and you will finish well, says the Lord.

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