I Will Compound My Presence, Power, Glory, Anointing

I will compound My presence and power and glory and anointing in you according to your earnest expectation and pursuit of Me, says the Lord. For the river of My glory is flowing, moving, invading and far reaching. It is your choice. Choose to be enveloped with My glory. Choose life! Choose to swim! You do not need to be on the shore line, longing for what I have for you. You do not need an invitation! You belong in My presence! You are not an alien or stranger. I have given you access and you are not to be an observer. Step in! Do not satisfy yourself with just splashing around in ankle deep waters of My Spirit! Do not stop when you are knee high. Do not be satisfied with thigh high or waste high waters of My deep. Embrace the more! Go deep. My Deeps are calling for your deeps. G0 deeper in Me, says the Lord.

As you press into My presence and glory, and seek the deeper things of My Spirit, that is what you will receive. For all who desire more will earnestly seek Me. They will find Me when they seek me with all their hearts. They will be filled to capacity and overflowing with My Spirit and My waters of life will flow out of them and become a stream of life that is connected to My river of glory. Life is abundant in My river of glory. Abundant life is for you as you come and bask in My glory. There is no end. There are no boundaries. There are no restrictions. There are no limitations. There are no walls or barriers. Whoever wants to may come! So come! Choose! Swim and be submerged in My mighty power and glory so that it freely flows out of you and touches every person, place and thing that is around you with My mighty Holy Spirit and power and glory, says the Lord.

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