Count Your Blessings

Count your blessings and be thankful for what I have given you and all that I Am continually doing for you, says the Lord . I daily load you with benefits. Look at the positive things in your life and focus on My continual goodness and mercy and unfailing love for you that is renewable daily. As the sun arises, I Am there you in the morning. As the sun sets, I remain your keeper that does not slumber nor sleep. I guard you continually and Am a constant companion to you. I Am your very best friend that sticks closer than a brother.  Do not complain about what you don’t have or where you are at. Even in the wilderness, I provided the children of Israel. I have kept you in your own dessert places and will bring you safely into your promised land of blessing as well. Do not loathe the provisions that you have as the children of Israel complained about the manna I provided for them continually. They drank of the waters I provided for them out of the rock. I met every need they had, and I sill do the same for you. The steps you take are ordered by Me. Be joyful in Me and keep pace with Me. When the cloud of My presence moves, pull up your stakes and move. When I rest in place, stand still and see My salvation. Wait on Me and trust that I Am leading you. I Am providing for you and keeping you day and night, says the Lord.

Do not lust for the leeks and garlic of bondage, but be thankful for what I am providing for you, says the Lord. Do not retreat into the bondage that I delivered you from, but trust that I Am leading you into your full destiny and kingdom purpose in Me, and you will possess your inheritance in your personal land of promise. I am furnishing you a table in the wilderness that will be more than enough for you. The process is not the promise, but at all times I Am your provision. I will supply all your need even in the barren wilderness as you pass through this place on your way to your Promised Land of blessing, says the Lord.

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