Don’t Allow the Enemy to Overwhelm You

Don’t allow the enemy to overwhelm you and don’t listen to his lies, says the Lord. Although he is roaring, raging, threatening, plug your ears to him. Silence your heart. Quiet your thoughts. Come into My presence with abandonment. Yes, empty yourself completely and let Me fill you up with Myself. I Am strength for the weary.  I will empower you. Stressed and stretched is not My idea of the abundant life that I have for you. Rush into My presence and put on My armor. Take My sword and undefeatable weapons and face the enemy toe to toe. He cannot win, and you cannot lose, says the Lord.

I have already defeated him by My finished work on the cross, says the LORD. He could not defeat Me then, and he cannot defeat you now, because I Am with you. Right now I Am renewing your strength as you wait upon Me. Don’t try to face the enemy in your own strength. Do it in Me, and be assured that you have nothing to fear. You may feel that you have just been tossed into the lion’s den, but just as I was with Daniel of old, I will be with you. I will shut their mouths and keep you safe, and the outcome will be really good. Not only will I give you absolute victory, but you will be promoted and advanced in My kingdom purposes.  So get ready, get set, and let’s go into this battle together, push back the enemy forces and advance My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

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