I Am Preparing You

I am preparing you for every good work, says the Lord.  Did you think you were headed for the rocking chair?  Not now! I have need of you!  I Am preparing you now so that you can fulfill MY HIGHEST HEART’S DESIRE.  That is what I said.  MY HEART.  Soon you will see and know just what My heart is saying.  It will also be what you desire.  I Am planting My higher thoughts within you.  I Am seeding My higher ways within you, and you know what seeds do.  They grow.  So I Am expanding your capacity to think and your ability to do.  I Am the higher thoughts and ways that are propelling you now.  You are a great work in progress, and you are moving along just fine in My Spirit.  I am expanding your vision, and you are beginning to see beyond your little surroundings to the vast BIG of MY vision that I am developing in you, says the Lord.

It is what will fulfill and thrill, says the Lord.   It will not be mundane and boring, but exciting and eventful.  I will not forget you or overlook you?  That is not possible. I have invested Myself in you, and your kingdom purposes will unfold.  Just hang on!  Hang onto My unfailing love.  Hang onto My infallible purpose.  Hang onto My powerful hand that leads you each step of this glorious journey. Hang onto your faith and trust in Me.  Be patient. I said the journey is glorious, and if you begrudge the steps you take now, you are missing out of the pleasure of this day that is a gift to you.  Focus.  Focus on Me who enables you, leads you, provides for you and is with you always to MAKE SURE that you step into your destiny in Me, as I fully equip you in MY FULLNESS and ability that will give you unimpeachable success, says the Lord.

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