Get Ready for the New

Get ready for the new as you wrap up the old, says the Lord. For I want you to finish well in anticipation of what lies ahead. For this day will be your clean-up and clear up and finish up of what I have assigned you to do so that you will clear the desk, get rid of the garbage that is not usable going into the new season, and tie up the loose ends. For a new time of acceleration is coming for you that will speed things up and you will need to get rid of the weights and shed the cares that will only bog you down. What seemed to be lagging will take on new life and vitality as you step in to the new season. The old things will not be repeated in wake of the new. Finish well, and complete everything, and get rid of the extra baggage, and shed yourself of the old cares and worries of the past, and do not carry fear and doubt. Do not bring that with you into the new that I have created for you. For My life is in you. My life will renew you. I will give you a renewed strength for the new of you, and the new that you will embrace, says the Lord.

You will not need to borrow, and you will not need to beg, says the Lord. For I Am more than enough for you. I will not overlook your need, but will supply you fully, and furnish you for all that I have called you to do. Let hope be rekindled in you. Do not let that die, for I want you to stoke up the fire, and be once again set ablaze with My glory. I have given you abundant life, and you will not be limp and listless, but full of power as you begin to rejoice in Me and anticipate new opportunities that are before you that I have created and will unveil for you. The new is refreshing and energizing and promising. So relinquish the old mentality of just waiting and pleading. For I have heard, and I have answered, and I want you to move forward in a new joy, with a new song in your heart, and a new level of praise, and a renewed zest for life that is exhilarating and full of vitality and joy, says the Lord.

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