Honor and Respect

As you have given Me honor, I will honor you. says the Lord. As you have respect onto Me, I will have respect onto you. For I Am pleased with your faith and trust in Me. It gives Me pleasure when you seek My face. I desire fellowship and friendship with you. I await you in the inner chamber where I can lavish My love upon you and speak gently in your ear. My heart is overjoyed at the very thought of you and the sound of your voice as you approach Me. I record every word that you say as well as each time that you think on My name. You will not be able to attain the level of attentiveness for Me that I have for you, for you are always in My thoughts and sight, says the Lord.

Stay confident in Me, for I Am dependable. You can count on Me, says the Lord. I have integrity, and My Word will always be performed. I honor My Word. Let your thoughts dwell on My goodness and mercy, for it is the evil one that comes to steal your peace, kill your dreams, and destroy your purpose. Not so. For I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you that cannot be intimidated. I will not be moved! I cannot be shaken by the sudden storms that arise to shake the earth. You will be unshakable and immovable and abound in My work that is aligned with Me and My purposes that cannot and will not be aborted. Nothing can stop Me from performing My will, and it is good, it is powerful, and it is productive. As you align yourself with Me, you will totally be secure, for you will not be moved by the enemy plots, plans and desires to make havoc of your life. You do not belong to him. You are My holy temple, and My child. You are a child of destiny that will be fully embraced by you and fulfilling. For I Am the author of it, the author of you, and I will do exactly what I said for you, with you and through you as My vessel of honor, says the Lord.

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