I Have Given You the Keys to My Kingdom

I have given you the keys to My kingdom, says the Lord.  Not only do you have access to My very thrown, I have given you the keys that give you entrance into the storehouse of blessings.  Yes, I have given you the keys.  That means ownership, for all that I have is yours.  I have not kept any good thing from you.  I have not denied you access.  Use your keys to open the doors of blessings that already belong to you.  You have been given entitlement to possess those things that I have already laid up in store for you.  My death on the cross paid in full for every benefit and you became My entitled child as you received all that I purchased for you by faith in Me.  My shed blood on the cross has cleansed you and made you worthy, says the LORD.

Do not listen to the condemning voices that accuse you and malign you and keep you from using the keys that I have given you, says the Lord.  Do not condemn yourself. I have purchased you with My own precious blood and have adopted you into My family.  My Kingdom is your dwelling place, and all that is within it is accessible to you.  Believe and you will receive!  Take possession of what is yours by boldly proclaiming your faith!  The enemy is a liar and he has no access to My kingdom. Do not let him interfere with your coming in boldly and obtaining every need that I have provided for you already, says the Lord.

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