I Will Reward Your Faithfulness

I will reward your faithfulness, says the Lord.  I will reward your sacrifices that you have made for My kingdom.  I will reward your prayers of faith.  I will reward all of your labors for Me.  I will bless you abundantly as you have been a blessing.  You will reap abundantly all that you have sown.  Nothing has been wasted.  Do not bemoan the scant harvest that you have seen in the past. For this is not the harvest that you will receive.  I have ordained a bumper crop and bountiful harvest that awaits you.  You will receive the benefits of all of your faithful service to Me, for I will be faithful in My promises to you.  The years of blight and drought and famine are over.  The expected harvest awaits.  You have not sown into My kingdom and purposes to fail, says the Lord.

The only thing that will fail is the enemy’s plans against you, says the Lord. His purposes will fail. His weapons will be nullified.  His desires to destroy you will have the opposite effect.  I will cause his weapons to be broken and his plans against you will be foiled.  I Am your defense.  I Am the One Who has called for your victory.  My will cannot be changed or stopped.  The opposite of what the enemy devised will happen. For although you have suffered in the past, you will prosper in the future.  I will give you a harvest that will cause your heart to sing.  You will forget the unproductive years and the times when your harvest was lean and heartbreaking.  I will restore those unproductive years and I will restore you, for the reward for your faithfulness to Me is rightfully upon you, says the Lord.

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