Inexhaustible, Renewable Faithfulness

My faithfulness is inexhaustible and renewable, says the Lord.   There is a new and fresh supply every day.  I Am faithful throughout the long, dark night of your experience.  I Am never unfaithful.   Even in times when you walked away from Me, I remained faithful to you.  I never lost sight of you when you had your back to Me.  When you lost your way, I never lost you.  I knew where you were, and I always heard your faintest dry.  I knew every decision that you would make and even when you made the wrong ones and wandered further away from Me, I was aware of you. I know exactly where you are right now.  Just as I cannot change, my faithfulness remains the same, yesterday, today and forever.  I Am the Good Shepherd, and I care for My own, no matter what.  When they are lost, I find them.  I know just where to look.  I do not condemn them, but pour in the oil and the wine to heal their wounds and I carry them into My arms, back into the safety of My fold.  There they are safe from all harm in My presence and there they will eat and drink and be at rest, for I will provision and protect them, always, says the Lord.

My compassion will not change, says the LORD.  It is renewable and inexhaustible as well.  Every day there is NEW compassion. It never grows old and never gets stale. Just as the manna was provided every morning without fail, so shall My compassion and faithfulness be to all who will believe and receive of Me freely.  The endless supply is also pure.  I do not have to water it down to stretch it and make it sufficient for you.   My goodness and mercy are extended constantly to all who will receive.  It is freely given, and you are not exempt from all that I purchased for you on the cross.  My shed blood will never lose it’s power in your life and those who come to Me.  I will never turn anyone away no matter what. I will never turn My back upon you.  Just look into My face.  You will see My love and compassion always. You will not see condemnation.  I will not scold you for walking away.  I will welcome you just as the father welcomed the prodigal son who returned to him of old.  He never chided him for the ragged clothes he wore.  He never shunned him for the stench of the pig pen that was all over him.  He didn’t look at the filth.  He only saw the pain and sorrow and the need that his wayward son was experiencing.  He ran to him and hugged his neck, and never looked away. This is how I Am to you.  The moment you turn around and look toward Me, I Am ready to embrace you and wrap My arms of love around you, hold you close to Me so that you can hear My heart beat, kiss your face and cleanse you completely from all unrighteousness.  Just turn to Me with all of your heart even in times of your personal failure to stay in My presence.  I assure you that you are always Mine.  I Am always yours.  I will never be unfaithful to you, and will place the beautiful robe of righteousness upon you, in exchange for the filthy rags you wear, will put My ring upon your finger, showing that I belong to you and you belong to Me, and then we will feast at My table that I’ve prepared for you, and none shall make you afraid.  My faithfulness is inexhaustible and renewed for you daily, says the Lord.

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