My Grace and Mercy

My grace and mercy are inexhaustible and unending, says the Lord. They are renewable every day. I never run short of loving kindness for you, for you are My beloved child. I purchased you with a great price because I value you. You are a peculiar treasure onto Me. Do not degrade yourself or allow the enemy to malign you and condemn you. I have cleansed you by My shed blood for you. My Spirit is within you. I have made you clean by My Word that is life and light in You. You have been brought into My kingdom and given a position of royalty as a child of Mine because of your faith in My finished work on the cross for you. There are no other requirements. I have freed you from bondage and given you a new name and a new identity in Me, because of your trust in Me as your Savior, your Redeemer, and Lord, says the Lord.

Righteousness and purity are what I have accomplished in you, says the Lord. You are pardoned and cleansed and made holiness onto Me by My shed blood. Walk in the newness of life that I have given you. Walk in the enlightened path that I have shown you. For as you do, you will never fall nor fail. I will defend you and keep you and protect you and provision you and preserve you, for you belong to Me. You are safe and secure in Me at all time, for I cover you with My hand and give you peace as you entrust your entire care to Me and rest in My love and infallible mercy and abundant grace for you, says the Lord.

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