Promotion and Increase

I Am your portion, pressed down, shaken together and running over, says the LORD.  It is a good portion, enough to live on, enough to give and enough to fill your store houses.  I have an abundant supply of all you need.  I Am your refuge and your portion in the land of the living.  I have blessed you abundantly, and even now Am giving you an increase.  Not only have I taken really good care of you, giving you multiple blessings in the physical realm, I have given you a generous portion of My Spirit.  In the realm of My Spirit, in the realm of My presence, you have gained wisdom, knowledge and understanding that is beyond this earth.  I have given you Spiritual enabling and blessings that are for your life and for others.  You minister to others from the overflow, says the Lord.

I  will give you a promotion, increase and a double portion, says the LORD.  The sufferings and losses that you have endured have only been for a season.  That season of pain is temporal.  I will increase My blessings so that you will not have room enough to contain them.  Your garners will be full of wheat.  The storehouses  will be full.  You will be planting and harvesting at the same time.  I will bless you exceedingly, because you have blessed Me with your faithfulness.  You have endured the trials and the testing of your faith.  Just as Job endured, you did not deny Me as your God.  Because you endured hardness as a good soldier, because you kept trusting Me when you could not see or understand, I Am keeping MY covenant promises to you.  I say, a double portion of My Spirit is rightly upon you.  The sufferings are but for a moment compared to the glory that will be seen on you. You will be filled with My radiant glory.  Many will come to your light.  They will find Me.  It is not a someday eternal reward; it is a now reward.  I Am your portion, and it will become so massive in every realm of your life, and you will be filled with such joy and gladness that people will wonder how they can have what you have.  Yes, the increase of My blessings is what I have in store for you, because you have put your faith and trust in Me at all times, says the Lord.

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