I Have Separated You Unto Myself

I have separated you onto Myself, says the Lord. You are not alienated, but separate onto Me. I have not abandoned you. I will not leave you. I Am with you. I have set you aside for My use and filled you with My Spirit and My Word is in you. You are My workmanship, and I created you for My express purpose and pleasure. Do not fret about those who have abandoned you or walked away from you and do not want to have fellowship or friendship with you. I Am that friend that sticks closer than a brother. I desire intimate fellowship with you, always. I will not leave you comfortless, even when there is trouble on every side. I will not leave you without a clue, for I will make a way for you. I will hold you by My right hand and lead you gently and safely on, and you will know that what I have for you is permanent and unfailing, says the Lord.

My mercies for you never fails, says the Lord. My love remains the same. I Am faithful and true. You will never have to wonder about where I Am, for I Am with you always. I will be with you in trouble to bring you out of it, always. I will still the storms in your life and give you vision, even in the night season. Trust Me and know that you are My beloved child. You have purpose, and I will fulfill you and furnish you for every good work that I have for you to do. You will not be an incomplete, for I never start something that I do not finish. I never abandon My work, and I always keep My Word. I will be with you and give you good success in what I have authored for your life and destiny, for I Am your destiny, and I will walk with you and keep you in all your ways as you entrust yourself and life to My care and follow My lead, says the Lord.

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