The Impossible Mountain

Don’t keep looking at the impossible mountain that stands in your way, but speak to it, says the Lord. Command it to move! I have given you mountain moving faith. I have placed My Word in you. Speak it with boldness and authority! Use what I have given you! You have been given unspeakable gifts from Me that I want you to activate. I want you to move forward. You have been around this mountain of difficulties long enough. They are not to difficult for you, because I Am the greater One within you. Do not give place to the evil one. He is not your dictator. He is not the authority. I Am! Let faith arise as you proclaim who you are in Me and take your position of authority that I have given to you, says the Lord.

I have made you to have dominion upon the earth, says the Lord. I have equipped you to subdue the enemy, and tread upon him. You are not to be trampled upon by him. He is not greater than Me, and his words are only empty and unproductive words. He cannot back them up if you will shut him down by withstanding him in the power of My Spirit and infallible Word that I have given you. You have everything that you need to conquer the land and storm the enemy’s camp with force. Setbacks are not for you, but for the enemy and his cohorts. I have commanded My blessings upon you. Take them and enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven by arming yourself with the weapons that I have given you to use, not talk about. You have the superior weapons that cannot be out-powered. You know how to use them. I have taught you how to war. Take your stand in Me and refuse to back down. For you are more than a conqueror in Me, and I have insured that you will be the victor and overcome and overwhelm the enemy by the sword of My Spirit, which is My Word, says the Lord.

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