Those Casting Stones at You

Those casting stones at you are only making a spectacle of themselves as they look foolish to those who observe, says the Lord. You will look at them with calmness and quietness as I cause you to stand and stare at them fearlessly. You will not be moved by it or threatened by the on slot of the enemy as he hurls these at you. They will not reach you. In quietness and confidence you will be remarkably poised. You won’t even roll your eyes. Just be still, for it is not for you to react. Foolish things need no response from you. I will answer the threats against you. I will be your defense, and you will not need to do anything but stand, says the Lord.

I will keep you in quiet confidence that nothing will disable you, says the Lord. Nothing will deter you. Nothing will distract you. I have your back so that you can go forward without looking back. You don’t even need to be concerned about what is behind you, for as the Egyptian army rallied and plotted and pursued My people, Israel of old, I stood between them, and they could not catch up. Your enemies will not touch you, overtake you or reach you. I will defend you and you will press forward and move ahead without thought. You have no need of fear of the pursuing armies of the dark one. For I will defeat them and destroy the weapons of the enemy and put him to open shame as you pursue your certain destiny in Me, says the Lord.

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