Valley of Decision

Though multitudes are in the valley of decision, I Am calling you out of it, says the Lord. Be decisive. Make up your mind! Choose. Do not change your mind or your purpose or your plan when you undergo the trying of your faith. Be convinced that I Am your God. Be firm in your determination to serve Me at all times. Your times and seasons are always in My hands. Remain fixed in Me. Be unchangeable in your trust in Me as I Am unchangeable in My Love for you. Be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in My Work, says the Lord.

Always means always, says the Lord. Abounding is abounding! There is no time for turning back. There is no situation that should cause you to question My faithfulness for you and My unfailing love. Come up and out of that valley, for you must be fixed in your faith in Me in the good times and bad times. For I want you to be determined to follow Me all the way, and believe in My goodness and mercy, regardless of the difficulties that you are facing. I will bring you out of trouble and set your feet to dancing and cause your heart to sing as you choose Me as your Lord at all times, and sing and dance before the Red Sea parts. Sing at your midnight hour when your enemies have beaten you, your back is bleeding and you are imprisoned. Sing on your bed of affliction and dance when all seems lost. I will break through the walls, the prison doors, the enemy camp and loose you from bondage, bind up your wounds, heal and deliver you and cause you to shout, for your victory is assured, says the Lord.

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