Hear My Voice

Hear My voice, and obey Me, says the Lord. Follow hard after Me. Pursue Me and forsake the things of the world. I have created you for My kingdom purpose. It is above and not beneath. It is eternal and not temporal. Turn away from the things that are vying for your attention, for I Am calling you. I have called you out of the normal and natural into the supernatural realm of My kingdom. I Am calling you to partake of the superior things of My Spirit. You must deny yourself and shut yourself away with Me in the secret place, where I will speak with you and fill you with My presence and power and purpose. It is in My presence that I will fully furnish you for every good work that I have for you, and prepare you for the purpose and place that I have for you, says the Lord.

Come up higher, says the Lord. Refocus on Me! Turn aside from your own thoughts and ways and forsake the thoughts and opinions and ways of others. I have a Way and a means and a plan for you that is not earthly and sensual, but powerful and impacting. Come up higher! Come closer to Me, and hear Me, and learn of Me, and follow Me. I will give you My higher ways and thoughts that will superintend your life, and bring you into your full kingdom purpose, as you draw closer to Me, and press into My presence. Spend time with Me! There is no other way. I Am the way, and you will be fulfilled, as you learn of Me, and hear My voice, and follow Me, says the Lord.

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