Boast in Me

Boast in Me, says the Lord, for I can never be less than you expect, less than you speak, or less than you need. I Am about abundance. I give you abundant life, and abundant provision, and abundant peace, and abundant joy, and abundant help. Your boast of Me and your expectation can never exceed Who I Am and what I will do for you. I Am El Shaddai, the God that is more than enough for all those who trust in Me and take Me at My Word. Your praise of Me is not just an exercise of worship, but it expands your own vision. For what you focus on will become the direction that you take. See Me as your total source, and praise Me for all that I Am, and dwell on My goodness for you, says the Lord.

For what you dwell on will become what you dwell in, says the Lord. Dwell in Me. Glorify Me, and you will live in My glory. Live in Me, and then you will become like Me. Think on good things, for I Am good, and you will live in My goodness, and receive these good things that I freely give you. Meditate on My Word that is powerful and life giving, and you will be empowered and full of Life. See that I will do for you all that you will believe Me for, as your own mouth speaks good things that I will bring to pass. For as you declare Who I Am and what I Am, and forsake the negative words and works of the enemy that I have come to destroy, you will live in abundant peace, power, unspeakable joy, and your journey will be rapturous rather than heavy laden. For I will never disappoint you as you can entrust your care to Me and dwell in My infallible Word, and you will receive the promises that I have given you as you praise your way into your personal promised land of blessings, says the Lord.

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