Crown of Glory

I Am your joy and crown of glory, for I will glorify My name in You, says the Lord. I Am your healer. I Am your peace that passes all understanding. I Am peace like a river. I Am your everything and your all. I Am near you. You are My child, My dearly beloved child, and I love you with an everlasting love. I Am with you and in you, and I will protect you and keep you safe in Me. I will undertake for you, and I will support you and I will hold you up and Keep you from falling. I will give you joy and you will rejoice in Me. I will give you the victory. I will help you and I will arm you with My Own armor and I will shield you with My own hand, says the Lord.

I made you a mighty conqueror in Me, says the Lord. You will not be defeated. You will use My sword of the Spirit, and you will kill the giants in your life, in your home and family. I will make you whole in Me. I will make you whole in your mind and body and your soul. I will restore you and I will give you new life in Me. I will give you your dreams come true. And I will use you for My glory, and you will be a conqueror and an enforcer of My kingdom of heaven on earth. My kingdom will come and My will shall be done in you as it is in heaven, and I will pour out My Spirit in you, and you will carry My glory wherever you go. I will confess your name before the Father and you will be My warrior. You will overcome and overwhelm the enemy, and you will rejoice and be glad in Me, says the Lord.

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