I Am Releasing You From Bondage

I Am freeing you from the restrictions and the things that held you back, shut you down, and kept you under, says the Lord. No more obscurity! No more being under the thumb of false authorities! No More walls, no more shackles, and no more obstacles! I Am releasing you from the bondage that has caused you denial, kept you from access, and restricted not only the flow of My Spirit from moving through you, but to you. The spirit of the python is not bigger than Me. I will cut off its head by the sword of My Spirit, and declare that you are free, says the Lord.

Be loosed from your infirmity, says the Lord.  Be free from the pain! Breath easily, as I breathe into you new life and vitality. Breathe deeply of My Spirit, and begin to sense the shackles fall off you, as you are able to shake off the old, and begin the new that I have created for you.  I will renew you, and My  will regenerate you! Breathe!  Breathe deeply of the freshness and the wholesomeness and the purity of My power and presence that releases you now, and liberates you to move forward, with great freedom and acceleration, says the Lord!

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