I Am Infallible

I Am unsurpassed, says the Lord. I Am infallible. I never suffer a set-back and there is nothing that can dictate to Me. I Am the Almighty God, and there is no other God beside Me. I Am the ultimate power! Look to Me, for what you need is not complicated for Me. What you desire is never beyond My ability to grant. I have created all things that exist, including you. I Am still creating! When I speak, it is done. What I say is what I do! I cannot lie, and I never change My mind or My purpose or My plan! I will do what I said. Trust that I will perform My Word in your life and those that you entrust to My care. My Word is powerful and undefeatable. It will be accomplished. Believe and receive, for nothing is too hard for Me, says the Lord.

I will grant the desires of your heart as you seek My face and honor Me by your faith in Me and My Word, says the Lord. Yes, honor Me by believing that I Am the Sovereign. I Am in control! I Am capable, and I will do it. For your faith pleases Me. Your prayers are heard, and I will answer when you call upon My name. There is no limit to what I can do, and no formula that I follow. Believe for the new and unexpected blessings that I will do for you as you forfeit your ways for My higher ways, and your small thoughts for My higher thoughts. Let Me do the miraculous as your faith abounds. Let your words become aligned with Mine, and begin to worship Me as though you have already received what I have promised you, for My promises are infallible and unimpeachable, and will be kept for you as you maintain your trust in Me, says the Lord.

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