I Am the Liberator

I Am the Anointed One. I Am the liberator, says the Lord. I Am the One Who will loose the captives and set them free. Indeed, I declare and decree freedom! You will not live in bondage and under the thumb of false authorities, and you will not be in a prison of your own making. Enough!  Come out of your personal Egyptian bondage and walk free. For the oppressor is not what I have ordained for your life. I have not assigned you to cruel task masters who will cause you to tremble. Wake up! Stand up! Let the shackles fall from you and walk out of the prison that has kept you bound. The door is open. Move out, says the Lord.

For I have not ordered steps for you that lead to bondage, despair, depression, darkness, and defeat, says the Lord. I have ordered righteous steps, and My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy in My Spirit. I have translated you out of darkness and placed you into My kingdom of Light! I have taken you out of the jaws of the lion and the claws of the bear that would destroy and devour you. I have loosed you from bondage and set you free. Walk in the liberty that I have fully given you and enjoy your pardon, because of My shed blood and My finished work on the cross for you. Be loosed now, and set free, says the Lord.

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