I Am Your Portion

I Am your portion, says the Lord.  It is not insignificant. I always give you great and precious promises that I fulfill. I have made you royalty and clad you with My glory. You have been given authority, and your name is linked with Mine. I have given you honor, because you have honored Me. I have positioned you in My kingdom and assigned you to active duty as a child, not just a servant. You are My beloved child, for I have cleansed and purified you with My own blood and broken body on the tree, and purchased you as My own. My death has given you life, and My resurrection power is in you as I live forevermore, says the Lord.

You are alive and well, for My life is in you, says the Lord. Abundant life is yours. Receive it and acknowledge it, for what is yours will not be extracted from you by the enemy. He has come to steal, kill and destroy. But My life is in you, as I have rescued you from his jaws, taken you from his prison house and set you free. You are liberated to serve Me, and I have not burdened you as a task master would. I have empowered you and positioned you in My kingdom as My beloved child, and will cause your enemies to submit to you. I have beautified you with My Salvation and endowed you with jewels. I have enriched you and given you access to My throne as you have been given the keys to My kingdom. Be joyful, for you are endowed with power and glory that I have given you, and you are precious and priceless to Me always, says the Lord.

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