Light and Life

I Am light and life in you, says the Lord. You are not walking in darkness, but in My marvelous light! Your path is not an obstacle course! It is not full of hills and valleys and curves! It is straight and narrow, clear and plain. I Am the Way! I Am the light, and I have given you light. I Am your life that is more than sufficient. It is abundant. You will not stumble and fall as you walk in Me! I Am the answer to your endless questions and concerns. You can trust in Me at all times, and know that I will never put you in harm’s way. I will never create problems for you just so that I can solve them. I will bring you out of trouble that is on every side, and rescue you from the attacks of the enemy, and bring you into a place of safety in Me. I Am with you, always. I Am your Good Shepherd. I Am not testing you, trying you, troubling you, afflicting you, or bringing you into tribulation. The enemy is the Enemy. I Am your friend that sticks closer to you than a brother. I Am your Savior and Lord. I Am the One Who is called along side to help you, strengthen you, empower you, protect you, and propel you forward into certain victory. I will always cause you to triumph in Me, says the Lord.

Put on My armor of light and suit up in Me, says the Lord. I cannot be defeated, and there is no power that can conquer Me. As you walk in Me, you are walking in the light. You are walking in My undefeatable Spirit. You will be empowered not only to overcome, but to overwhelm the enemy. I have made you to be bold as a lion, fearless, and full of My Spirit of life. The pursuing enemy will not touch you, the weapons of the enemy will not reach you, and My shield of faith will quench all the fiery darts of the evil one. You are not entrapped with impossibilities, for I will make a path for you through your Red Sea, and the enemy will not be able to prevail against you. Though he follows hard after you, the provision I have for you will only drown him, and his weapons will be destroyed. Prepare to pick up the timbales, and sing and dance, for the enemy is defeated, his diabolical purposes exposed and foiled, and his works against you destroyed, and your victory celebration is announced, and about to begin, says the Lord.

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