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I did not call you to My table in My presence to eat left overs, says the Lord. I have fresh bread that I have prepared for you that awaits you. I have fresh new wine for you to drink that will make your heart glad. I have prepared a feast for you that will make you fat and full of My blessings upon blessings, and you will be fully satisfied. I do not have to take from another to give to you, for I have an endless supply. No one that comes to Me will be turned away, and everyone that is hungry will be fed. Everyone that is thirsty will be filled. Come and eat and drink as you partake of My supper that I have prepared for you, and enjoy fellowship and friendship with Me, says the Lord.

I will share My heart with you, says the Lord. My higher thoughts are for you to know, and My higher ways are available for you to discover. I want you to have an understanding heart, so that you will remain steadfast in Me. The journey is not too difficult for you, for I have prepared the way for you and filled in the valleys and leveled the impassible mountains. You will not be weary in the steps that I order, for I will give you joy for your journey, and your heart will rejoice in Me. I will give you a new song and a new sound, and you will have My rest and peace, says the Lord.

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