Do Not Look Back

Do not look back, but look forward, for your past is past, says the Lord. It will not define you, will not be repeated, and will not control you. Your destiny is ahead of you. Move forward into it, for I Am the Door, and I will make a way for you where there is no way. Remember Lot’s wife of old. She was commanded not to look back. Do not fear what is ahead, for I have a plan and a purpose for you. I set the pace, order your steps, and prepare the place for you. I will keep you from falling as I hold you up with My own right hand and steady your steps. I will remove the obstacles out of your way and enlighten the path before you, says the Lord.

Trust in My goodness and mercy for you, says the Lord.  Trust that I, Who have sustained you, Am able to keep you now.  I will be for you more than enough as you entrust your life and destiny to Me. For I have you in the palm of My hands, have not forgotten you, and will not. You are valuable to Me. That which you have suffered is light affliction compared to the glory to come. I will give you grace and glory and bring you into your personal promised land, on time, and you will have great cause to rejoice in Me as you proclaim, “Look what the Lord has done! He has done great and mighty things for me,” says the Lord.

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