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Powerful Prophecy: Forever My Word is Settled in Heaven

Forever My Word is settled in heaven, and forever My Word is settled in you, says the Lord. My Word has been declared and decreed and recorded in heaven pertaining to you before you were born. Yes, even in the womb of your mother, I knew you, and purposed for your life. Every day is already recorded in My book that I have ascribed for your life, and every moment that I have given you has eternal meaning. I will not go back on My Word over you or any of MY CHILDREN that I have KNOWN before the foundation of the earth.

You are one that is a child of My mercy and favor and grace from the moment of your conception. All of your times are in My hands that not only provide for you, but protect you and clothe you and feed you and position you exactly according to My will and purpose and plan. I Am aware of you and every breath that you take. I am aware of every thought that you think. I Am aware of every step that you take, and I Am aware of every cell in your body that I dwell in. For you are My dwelling place, and I Am your GOD that dwells in the midst of you. I Am with you, always.

From your earliest memories, you can recall that I have been there as your caregiver, causing, affecting, connecting, disconnecting. I have opened doors for you. I have closed and sealed others that no power could open them. I have done all these things for your good only, for the purposes that I have PURPOSED for you and for My kingdom that is without end. There is no such thing as happenstance or insignificance. NOTHING. All is in my hands and in my control, and Some things in the past you have thought of with regret and remorse. You lament over decisions that you wish you had not made, over lost opportunities, over choices you made and choices you wish you had made. You think of how things could have been different had you and others that you are connected with chosen another path.

The Lord says, ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD, and are the called according to My Purpose. Even the bad things, the times you regret, the times when the harvests were failed, the times when you felt unproductive, these times have made you the person you are today. It is not the good times that form the best of you, but often the bad times that caused you to grow and come into a greater wealth of wisdom and understanding that is not only beneficial for you, but others as well as MY kingdom that is without end. You have been shaped by adversity. You have been perfected through the trying of your faith. Even if you believe the fire refined you, the good of you has risen for My glory, says the Lord.

I have brought you out of troubles, even those that seemed to be on every side, so that you can be a witness of MY power that exceeds any other. I have made you a testimony of My grace. You are salty salt, and a bright light that is not obscure. No power will be able to put out your lamp! The light of My glory is in you, around you, and will continue to be brighter and brighter and brighter. Others will be drawn to your light.

Do not fear the things that are coming on the face of the earth, for remember that I OWN THE EARTH, and I Am in charge of every time and season. When things are shaking and moving around you, DO NOT FEAR, for I told you ahead of times like this that what will remain is that which is unshakable, immovable. You are fixed and secure in Me alone, and that is more than enough for you. I have taken care of you when you could not know your left hand from your right hand and could not understand or know ONE WORD. How much more will you now recognize MY CARE FOR YOU, that is meticulous, on time, constant, and eternal.

Your life is MY LIFE, and MY life is in You. Your life is bound up in Mine, and you will always have more than enough. I Am your shield, source, and I will take care of you all the days of your life, and you will fulfill your destiny purpose that does not end in your earthly sojourn. You don’t have to figure out anything. I planned everything, and you can trust in Me to complete everything that I have begun in you to perfection, for My glory, by My grace that is sufficient and abundant for you, says the LORD.

Prophet June Sheltrown, Prophetic Light International

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