Renewable Source

I Am your renewable source of energy and strength, says the Lord. I cannot be depleted and what I have for you is alive, inexhaustible, moving, flowing, penetrating, and radiating life and vitality into you constantly. I Am your abiding strength. I Am the One Who enables you to do all things. I didn’t create you to just coast, but have equipped you to be as I Am on the earth. I did not call you to be weary, but to be strong in Me and the power of My might. Breathe in My Spirit! It is refreshing and will cause you to run and not grow weary, walk and not faint. Do not endeavor to do anything on your own. With Me you will be empowered to do all things, and do them well, even as I do all things well. Let Me renew your strength continually in Me by My Spirit, says the Lord.

Be strong, says the Lord. Be strong! You do not have to walk in weakness and become weary in well doing. Be strong in Me. I Am the strength of your life and heart. You will be able to go from strength to strength, not weakness to weakness. I Am not weak, and I Am in the midst of you. Relinquish the weights and the besetting sin. It doesn’t honor Me or you, and the enemy is the author of it all. He is the one who is tempting you to be distracted, disorientate, and over-loaded. This is not from Me! My yoke is easy. Yoke up with Me! My burden is light! Be lighthearted and shift all those illegitimate weights and burdens over onto Me and enjoy the journey with Me! I will strengthen you, help you, uphold you, revive you, and restore your youthfulness as you come and eat and drink of My Spirit continually, and are filled to capacity and overflowing. Top off the tank, and let it spill over, for you will only be able to minister to others from the overflow of My Spirit, says the Lord.

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