Sowing and Reaping

It is always a challenge to us when SOMEONE seems to fall through the cracks and does not receive salvation, healing, deliverance. I also am very saddened by those who reject, refuse, or just miss it for unknown reasons to me. But we must rejoice in those who are saved, reached, receptive, healed, delivered, empowered, changed. We all want 100 percent.

Jesus went onto his own, and they received Him NOT! He marveled at their unbelief. He COULD NOT do any mighty miracles in their midst because they did NOT believe. We will experience unbelief that causes us to marvel as well. It is most shocking when people are NOT receiving, but remember this. The sower goes out to sow. The seed is the WORD of GOD. He gives seed to the sower. Some falls on the path. The birds devour it. Hardness of heart, and does not even penetrate at all. Some fall on stony ground: easily and happily received, but only surface. No root. No fruit comes to maturity because they do not endure the trying of their faith or any persecution.

Oh to be like Jesus. Despised and rejected of Men? A man of sorrow, and acquainted with grief? Rejected? Mocked? Scorned? Really? We want to be like Him? Only in part. Yes, the power, the authority, the miracles, the healing, the anointing, the deliverance, the greatness and glory, but NOT the suffering part of it! If we suffer with HIM. IF IF IF. Then we will reign with Him. No one speaks of the suffering that comes before the reigning, because few will enlist for that. They want the crown, but not the cross that we are to TAKE UP DAILY to be His disciple.

Notice it said, disciple, not saved. We can be a follower of Christ without being a disciple. Even Peter followed Him afar off, at one point before denying him three times. But to have that close, upfront position of discipleship requires a daily cross. UGH! Not pleasant. BUT THAT IS THE TRUTH.

The third went on weedy ground. That was choked by the cares of this life, deceitfulness of riches, and the desire for other things. Cultural Christians do not bring fruit to maturity.

However, the sower goes out to sow. The seed is provided by the LORD. There will ALWAYS be 30, 60, 100 fold harvest! In some venues I had seed that fell on the first three, but had 30 fold, or 60. Sometimes, and even many times, 100 fold harvest. So do not lament over the path, the weeds, the stony ground. Just sow. CONTINUE to sow, and focus on what is accomplished. But I share in the sorrow that we all feel when it does not produce the harvest we want it to do. The WORD is not changed. The anointing is the same. The power is unchanged. Jesus is the same. The difference is the heart of those we minister to.

You are not to blame. Just keep on. Sow. You will rejoice in the time of harvest.

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