The Ten Left Behind

This message that I preached on the 12th at Prophetic Light Church is one of the best messages I EVER preached in my life. It is birthed out of hours of prayer. I have to share this with you, and TELL YOU to LISTEN to it in its entirety. It should have perhaps been entitled, “The Ten left behind.” Now for real it is NOT a sermonette or an appetizer, but a full course meal that did not come from the fast food place or drive through, a take out or stop and go. Perhaps you are accustomed to a pep talk, a motivational message, or a feel good speech from a silver tongued orator. This is Not going to fit into that category. Oh earth, earth, earth, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD. A powerful word, indeed, birthed out of the heart of GOD! Don’t just say, “Amen.” but fully listen to it, like it, share it, subscribe to our channel. Prophet June Sheltrown


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