Wait for My Voice

Be patient, says the Lord. Wait for My voice to speak to you, and follow My lead. Patiently wait for Me to direct your path. Patiently wait for Me to work on your behalf. Do not do things in your own strength or try to make things happen that will only make things more complicated. I Am not leading you into a maze or complicating things for you. My path is plain and simple, free of obstacles, narrow and straight. I Am working on your behalf, and want you to trust in Me. Trust that I have your times in My hands. Trust that I do all things well. I will do all things well for you as I hold not only your times and seasons in My hands that formed you, but I also have you and hold you in the palm of My hands, says the Lord.

Patiently wait on Me to do the miraculous, to provide for you as your good shepherd, and to answer your prayers, says the Lord.  Will you trust that I Am with you in an active way? Will you believe that I have heard you and I Am moving in your behalf? Do you believe that I Am on your side and I will not fail you? Let your faith in Me be stretched, for only then will it expand and grow. You have asked for an increase and you have desired to do the greater works for My kingdom. I Am preparing you to fulfill your purpose that I have for you in My kingdom. Embrace My promises with enduring, unwavering faith that is not mixed with fear and doubt. I desire you to be a ready warrior that stands in harmony with Me and My Word, and faith in Me that will not quit, will not cower, will not question, and will not be pushed back, regardless of the scope of the difficulties that you face, the number of the enemy, and the fierceness of the attacks against you. For as you stand in Me, complete, you will always triumph in Me, and you will be ready to enforce My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and possess the land of your promise, says the Lord.

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