Why Are You Fearful?

Why are you fearful? I Am not the cause of fear, says the Lord. Be fearful of nothing and do not serve it. Serve Me! I have given you My love which is void of fear and never contains failure. I cannot stop loving and giving and caring for you. Do not look at what you merit, but see My infallible grace that I have mantled you with. For your trust is to be on what I have given you freely through your faith in My finished work on the cross and My shed blood that has made you worthy of all that I have promised you. For all that I have belongs to you. It is accomplished and finished. I have written them in My books, and I will not blot them out. I have prescribed for you blessings upon blessings that are not attached to what others think of you. I call you spotless before My throne, for My blood has cleansed you completely from all unrighteousness. I have given you life that is abundant because you have received Me. Nothing else that I have reserved for you is something that you earn. Freely I give you all things, and daily load you with benefits, because I have set My Love upon you, says the Lord.

Rise to your feet and stand straight and tall in the faith that I have given you, says the Lord. For you are not going to sit there until you die. You are a warrior and a champion in Me, and not a coward. I have fully equipped you to take a spoil from the enemy, and you will not be spoiled. You will not be pushed back into a corner or taken captive by the enemy, but you will push against darkness with the light that I have placed in you, and be valiant in warfare, as I equip you with the sword of My Spirit! I call you armed and dangerous to the enemy, and you will not walk in confusion, but in clarity of vision and purpose. I Am with you as you combat the forces of evil and stake claims on the territory that the enemy occupies, and you will raise My banner as you expand My kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, says the Lord.

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