You Are Not Confined

You are not confined to quarters, for I have liberated you from bondage, says the Lord. I am taking you out of the dark closet and placing you out in the open to be a light in the dark places around you, not to sit in the dark, in an obscure place. I Am breaking you free so that you are not on a leash. I Am loosing you from limitation and boundaries and walls that have kept you fenced in so that you can reach out to those who have seemed to be unreachable, and touch the lives of those who have seemed to be untouchable, and to be a help to those who feel helpless, and a liberator to those who are bound. My light shall radiate upon you, be in you, work through you, and powerfully impact those around you, says the Lord.

I Am giving you a new boldness to proclaim My Word, do My Work and pronounce that My will shall be performed in the lives that you minister to as it is in heaven, says the Lord. Your new is here, and now. You are not to back down or to be pushed back into a corner, waiting for a bell to ring, so that you can engage in another round. It is not a game or a sport; it is life and light! I have called you to make a difference, impact the many, and perform My will. Be bold and strong, for your strength is in Me, My Spirit is in you, and I will manifest My power through you, as you engage the enemy fearlessly, and do the work that I have called you to do without second-guessing My voice and command, and your call into your kingdom purpose that I have prescribed for your life and equipped and provisioned you to do. I will be with you to give you good success as you follow My lead, says the Lord.

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