Ask Me For Wisdom and Counsel

Ask for My wisdom that is not earthly and sensual, limited and generated from the mind of any person, and believe for My Spirit of wisdom and counsel to be given to you, says the Lord.  As you ask for what is My highest wisdom, and receive it by faith, you will not be unproductive.  For My wisdom is not found in a book written by another, but in Me.  I will show you what to do, and open the way for you that you could not even imagine.  For as wisdom is the principle thing, and understanding essential to apply it, I will download My higher ways and thoughts into you that will give you direction and answers that you need and long for, says the Lord.

I will remove the confusion, lift the fog, destroy the obstacles, and give you light on your path, says the Lord.  For the voices of many cannot begin to compare with My voice.   Many counselors cannot organize your steps that I will ordain for you.  For what makes sense to you and others will confine you into the natural, when I desire you to walk in My supernatural power and glory.   If you wait for others to direct you, you are not taking the steps of faith that I order for you.  If you are desiring their approval, your focus will be on the agreement of man rather than My approval, My directive and My perfect will for your life.   I will give you the wisdom and counsel you need as you shift from the inferior thoughts of yourself and others and receive My higher thoughts and ways that I have for you to follow. As you ask Me for this, and believe, then you will know My will and purposes and be able to walk in them, and see then unfold before your very eyes, says the Lord.

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