Your Life Will Blossom and Be Fruitful!

I have created this day to be pleasurable for you, says the Lord.  Rejoice in it.  Rejoice in Me.  For I Am your everlasting Father, who will always treasure you as My beloved child.  You were not an “oops,” but a special creation that brings pleasure to Me.  My thoughts of you are always good, and I have wonderful plans for you.  They will unfold, as you walk with Me in the newness of life that I have given you.  Trust that your steps that I order are beneficial and not formulated to be a confusing maze.  I do not set the path for you to go in endless circles or to back track.  The path is straight and narrow, so you can look forward.  It is well lit and purposeful, says the Lord.

I Am not losing track of you, and you will never be out of My sight, says the Lord.  Your sojourn is not a lonely experience, because I Am with you always, to assure you of success.  You are never alone.  Weare taking this journey together, hand in hand, heart in heart.  Your fellowship and friendship with Me is ordained by Me, as I have longed for you to be close to My heart.  You are precious and priceless to Me, and you will be all that I have created you to be, as your life will blossom and be fruitful and productive in Me, says the Lord.

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