Walk In My Spirit!

Walk in My Spirit, and walk in My light, and walk in My love, says the Lord.  For My love is unimpeachable, My light cannot be extinguished by darkness, and My Spirit will lead and guide you into all truth.  You will never fall nor fail as you walk in fellowship and friendship with Me.  For will give you everything that you have need of, and bless you with unimpeachable blessings that will never have attached sorrow or pain.  My Spirit will liberate you, My light will be bright, and the path before you well lit. You will not have to guess about the next step, for it will be clear, says the Lord.

Do no complicate the simplicity of your child-like faith and dependency upon Me with endless questions and foolish unbelief, says the Lord.  For nothing is accomplished in waiting for Me to explain every detail to you.  You do not have to see and hear and know.  I do.  Trust Me with what you do not understand, and lean on Me.  My understanding is infinite, and you can depend upon My counsel.  You can trust Me with your concerns, and you can follow My lead without fear.  Let Me do the leading, as I order your steps, and enlighten each one.  You will never regret that you have obeyed My voice and followed My command, as you walk with Me, and abide under My wings that will over shadow and protect you, says the Lord.

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