I will deliver you from the lion’s mouth, and you will not be devoured, says the Lord.  I Am your Good shepherd, and the enemy will not prevail against you.  I Am your Savior.  I Am the Lord.  I will rebuke the destroyer for your sake and bring you into the safety of My fold.  You will eat and drink and be filled with My blessings upon blessings upon blessings as I restore comforts to you.  You will know that I Am indeed your comforter, and I will coddle you and dote on you and pamper you as My beloved child, says the Lord.

I will cause you to overcome, and overwhelm the enemy, says the Lord.  For I Am faithful to you, and on your side.  The enemy has nothing to say!  I not only have the final Word, but the only word!  His blabbing is useless, for he cannot carry out his diabolical threats against you.  His scare tactics will not come to pass.  He will not be able to destroy My Workmanship in you, and his lies cannot nullify My truth in you that endures forever.  The outcome of the fray is already pronounced, and you are the winner.  For I Am with you always, and you will be the undefeated champion as I give you victory upon victory.  You will know what it means to be undefeated, as I cause you to triumph over the enemy and give you ultimate success, because you have placed your trust in Me, says the Lord.

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