Your Times and Seasons Are in God’s Hands

As you reflect the end of this last year, you are not only looking for the path forward to a fresh new beginning with fulfillment of the desires of your heart and your destiny purpose, but you are also looking back, not a year, not two, but even ten years of what feels like unfulfilled promises, and disappointments. You have heard so many times that delay is not denial, until you could nearly scream. How much more delay? How much more denial. You also assess the positive growth and the great things that God has granted you. But you feel that something is missing. Something is lacking. You feel that you are lacking.

Sometimes you are content, and other times you look beyond your personal space and place and self and even believe at times that perhaps you missed it somehow, somewhere in the past and veered off the prescribed path for you. You are hard on yourself. You are an achiever that has not achieved as you thought you should, thought you must, thought you were destined to do.

At the end of every year, you celebrate the fact that God has been with you, your loved ones and kept you safe, kept you provisioned, and answered prayers after prayers after prayers. You have been blessed with very many powerful and on-time miracles that are personal for you and your family. But there is that nagging thought. Is it enough? Am I enough? Have I done My best? What if I had gone in another direction? Where would I be today?

The Lord says, though you have some unanswered questions, some unfilled dreams, some unrealized desires of your heart, there is one promise that He wants to drive into your spirit that will give you peace with yourself, your position, your past, your potential assignments, your progress (or the pace), is this: All things work together for good to those who love God, and are the called according to His purpose. The Lord wants you to see this as an all knowing, all-powerful, ever-present promise that is ongoing and always being fulfilled.

God says, hogwash to delay is not denial. There is no delay in Him, Who orders your steps. You cannot mess it up, for it is in the Master Plan before your conception. The times and seasons are all preset for not just you, but all who are connected with you that are near and far. All these work in your life, the good, the bad, the ugly, to bring about the divine imprints of God, to fulfill His blueprints for every day of your life. Yes, God is screaming now! Delay is not denial? Who said that? Did I ever say that? It has been repeated again and again and again, and you have even said it yourself. There is no such thing, for everything is on time.

I Am an on-time God. What power can delay Me? Who can deny Me any good thing? Did I not say I will not deny you any good thing? You are not in delay mode or denial, not yesterday, not today, and surely not tomorrow. It is precise. Just trust in Me, says the Lord. Trust that I created you for My purpose, and your ideas are inferior to Mine. I have not abandoned My purpose in you. I have not abandoned you. Just abandon yourself to Me, fully and completely, and undeniably you will have peace in every circumstance in life. You will then see that the walls were there to come tumbling down at My command as you just march around them. It is not by your power to perform it.

Performance is My job. Yours is to obey and walk with Me, watch and pray, and listen to My now voice that is speaking. It is reassuring. No, you did not miss it. Yes, you are where you need to be. No, you will not remain in any place longer than I remain there. Just look for the cloud to lift off your own personal tabernacle, and when it moves, without decision, without question, without fear, without frustration, move forward as I do. Just trust that it is working out for your good according to My purpose. Don’t look at the prophetic words that were spoken over you and wonder where they are, and why they have not been fulfilled. I watch over My word to preform it. My Word. My will. My way. My higher thoughts. My plans. My time, and My season.

Don’t you know? Don’t you understand yet that I Am your Prophet, and My Word never fails? I never fail. I have made no mistakes, and what I do never fails. I said that I have begun a good work in you. Did you hear that? Good work. I will perfect it. I will finish it. I will do it without permission, without applause, without demand, without a majority vote. I Am the Sovereign, and I do all things according to the counsel of My will, and this is what I want you to embrace day and night, night and day. Everything means everything.

All things work together for good…the good that I have designed. The process is not pleasant. There is bitter. There is sweet. There is sadness. There is rejoicing. There is disappointment. There are questions. But the result is good, according to My purpose. Forget the losses. Look at the gain. Forget what you wanted to accomplish and did not. See what I used you for! Look at My workmanship in your life. Perfect plan, perfect time, perfect process, perfect progress for a complete and perfect work. Can I do anything imperfect? NO, NO, NO!

So, stop being concerned about not being good enough or not going at the right pace or not being in the right place or not having the right connections or that you missed something along the way. Nonsense, says the Lord. I want you to have peace and keep moving forward at My minute command. Stand still when I Am not moving. It is okay to be still and know! Yes, it is all in the plan. Know that you have nothing to be concerned about. Just keep praying. Keep believing. Keep trusting in Me, and keep pursuing Me.

Stay in the secret place. Don’t worry about the marketplace. I know where you are, and the closer you are to Me the easier it will be to hear My voice that assigns you to the marketplace or any place I want you to be. Don’t worry. I know where you are, and I know you. I Am pleased that you know Me, and love Me, and your walk with Me is a pleasant thing to Me. Please Me with your continual and unrelenting faith and trust in Me at all times, and know that as the past and present are in My hands, so is the unknown to you future, that is known by Me.

I got it, way ahead of you, and everything is covered. It is done, as far as I Am concerned. You will just walk it and live what I have preordained for your life, and as I create and say it is good, so shall My good word be performed in your life, and I will use you for My glory exactly in the way it pleases Me. I Am smiling. I Am happy and pleased with you, and say, be pleased with the steps of the past, present and future that are all good, and the result is very awesome, for I Am an awesome God, your God, and what I do with you, for you, through you, and you through Me, is always awesome, on time, powerful, productive, precious and holy, even as I Am, says the Lord.

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