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  • May 24@ 12:05 amJune Reinke

    Be Strong in Me

    Be strong in Me, says the LORD. For all that you need is available for you. I will not withhold strength from you. I will give you more than enough. You need not ever fall nor fail. For I Am with you to give you good success, and always cause you to be triumphant in Me! Victory is the prescription that I have for your life. I have written in the books a success story for your life and decreed this over you before you took your first breath on earth. I know the good thoughts that I have for you, and the plans are in place. Trust in My power to equip you and furnish you, as I lead+

  • Joy for the Journey

    I want you to have joy for your journey, says the Lord. Do not dwell in the land of discouragement, distractions, distress and destruction. For the enemy is vying for your attention. He is the one who comes to steal,+

  • Fellowship With GOD

    Fellowship with Me in My presence, says the LORD. For as you do, you will find that I Am your partner and friend that sticks with you closer than a brother. I will never leave you, and you will know+

  • Mantled With Light and Glory

    Your destiny is straight ahead of you, says the LORD. It is before you, as you move forward into it. It is not behind you. Do not even look back, for you will go in the direction that you focus+