You Will Invest in What You Believe In
July 4, 2019

You Will Invest in What You Believe In

Passage: Romans 12:1, 2 Kings 7:3-11, John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Mark 12:1-44, John 6:1-12

Bible Text: Romans 12:1, 2 Kings 7:3-11, John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Mark 12:1-44, John 6:1-12 | Preacher: Prophet June Reinke | WE invest ourselves and substance into what we BELIEVE IN, and sacrifice for it. Without a personal input, that reveals that it was NOT important to us at all. What cost you NOTHING tells you that it is NOT worth anything.

An empty promise is like a cloud that blows over in time of drought and disappears quickly. There are too many promises that do not lead to performance that reap NOTHING at all.

King David said, “I will not offer unto God something that cost me nothing.” He did not point to someone else, and expect them to do it, but he pointed to himself. It was not a response of, Send them, but, “Here am I. Send Me.” It was not waiting for some else to do something but doing it yourself.

Moses initially said, “Someone else.” Jonah went the opposite direction. Gideon said, “I am the least in My father’s house.” Ten spies said, we cannot conquer the land because of the iron chariots, the giants, while Caleb said, “Give me this mountain!”

We can do our part or wait for someone else to stand in the gap, whether they exist or not. if we wait for that bonus before we give anything, if we wait for another confirmation before we do anything, if we wait for someone else to do what GOD is asking us to do, or give what he asks of us, then we have missed the boat while waiting for our ship to come in.

We have overlooked the tiny fishes and loaves of bread to let the multitude leave hungry and faint on the way because it was too insignificant to meet the need. We do not see a miracle in our hands. We wait and wait and wait, and hope for a miracle rather than becoming part of one.

In 1987 I went to a near-by store to buy food for my family for ONE meal, and fell short of being able to buy what I needed. I was not short a dollar, but a tenth of a dollar, one dime. As I began to remove one item, the cashier pulled out a dime from her pocket and gave it to me. She did not know me, but she saw that need. Did she know that I would mention her as this message reaches the nations. She had NO NAME, was not famous, did not have a world wide ministry, a healing ministry, and never gave one prophecy in her life. The widow gave two mites and is recognized by JESUS, and it is recorded in the Bible for all generations to preach, teach and remember her, a no-named widow!

We do not need our name on a billboard to be part of a miracle. We do not need to be recognized to be used of GOD. WE just need to invest ourselves and substance into what matters the most, and prove that the Kingdom of GOD is our top priority by what we sacrifice and DO, not mere words of what we want to do or someday will do.

Another example in the Bible: The lepers were already doomed to die of their disease, and knew if they fell out to the enemy, they could die by the sword. But they were dying of starvation. If they did nothing, they die. If they did something, they might die. They were in the process of dying, but they said, “We will not sit here until we die.” So they went into the enemy’s camp and found all of them GONE. That act saved lives. That act saved a nation from starvation.

That act was for physical substance. Although it was important, what we do for ETERNAL things will last forever. Saving souls is greater than saving lives. We all need to act to prove that what we say is important to us, what we declare is our values, what we

Invest in what you believe in. If the things that are eternal are your highest heart’s desire, it will be action that proves this is true in your life. You have to spend and be spent as the Apostle was. He did not sacrifice something, but everything, and laid down his life for the Kingdom of GOD, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the salvation of others.

Dedication is more than a declaration. It is not just a duty and drudgery but a devotion, an ardent desire, and a destination. It is not a Word only but a deed. It is not a reckless and aimless wandering, but a strategic decision and determined pursuit of destiny.  It is not am option but a responsible action.

You will invest in what you believe in and sacrifice for what you value, even as Jesus gave His life for us because He valued us. How can we do less?

Prophet June Reinke, Prophetic Light International

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