I Am your Great Physician, says the LORD. You will never need to wonder if what I do will succeed or fail. For I cannot fail, and never make any mistakes. What I do, I do well, and it is never needing to be redone! I will not just heal your body, but I will heal the wounds of your

I Am Your Counselor

I am your counselor, says the Lord. I do not charge you to listen to your troubles, and give you the help and consolation that you need. I Am your Great Physician, and there is no fee for My healing power for you. I have fully paid the price for your healing, and I have freely given you answers that

I Am Your Counselor


I Am not your adviser, but your Counselor, says the LORD.  I do not make suggestions for you to consider, but I order your steps.  My directions are not laced with stumbling blocks, and I do not have a maze for you to try to work through.  You do not have to guess, and it is not hit and miss